Date: August 31, 2006

Dear Sufi,


Thank you for sending the information about Sufi Mission, as you have said, let this not be a money-making business. I am pleased to share it with our group called World Muslim Congress


A few questions you can respond:


1) What is the need for identifying oneself as Sufi?

2) When the soul is liberated, there ought not be any distinction between any soul?

3) What is the need for grading of Muslims, Momin & Ehsan, isn't that class system?


I like the concept of Sufism, but any thing that grades the people, distinguishes souls seems to steer away from the deeper concept of Islam; The concept of equality Islam reaches the peak to the point that it takes away the arrogance, and liberates the soul. 


Please share your thoughts about it.


Mike Ghouse




Dear Mike,


1) There is no need for someone to identify himself or herself as a Sufi.  Sufi is a state of mind that should not be used for showing off. In fact, showing-off is called RIYAH and it is against the spirit of Tasawwuf. Sufi always hides his/her righteousness.


2) Qur’an describes that the people of Hell and the people of Heaven are NOT equal. (LA YASTAWEE US-HAA-BUNNAR WA US-HAA-BULJUNNAH). How can good and evil be equal? Therefore, after liberation, the souls of righteous people go to ILLIYEEN (Heavenly place) and the souls of bad people go to SIJJJEEN (Jail).


3) It is not grading of humans. These are the states of EEMAAN, the strong (Muslim), the stronger (Mo’min) and the strongest (Mohsin). This is a common phenomenon that every individual is different.  The strength in EEMAAN comes with the commitment. Some are less committed and some are more committed. The degree of commitment determines the state of EEMAAN.

Please do not mix two things. The rights of every human are same (food, shelter, love, respect, etc…). However, it is up to each individual how to enjoy those rights. Some people enjoy these rights by becoming more responsible and some people enjoy these rights by becoming less responsible or irresponsible. Therefore, these two types of people can not be equal.